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End-to-end mortgage recovery support from foreclosure through loss mitigation to REO

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Our entire firm is dedicated to your Pennsylvania creditor’s rights matters.

The law firm of Martha E. Von Rosenstiel, PC provides end-to-end creditors' rights services to organizations with assets in Pennsylvania. Our services include foreclosure, loss mitigation, litigation, ejectment, bankruptcy, title curation and REO liquidation. Our experience helps clients successfully navigate the recovery process in PA. Our technology allows us to quickly tailor processes to meet any client or investor requirement. For nearly 50 years our commitment to meeting our clients' needs, attention to detail and personalized service is unsurpassed in the industry.
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When foreclosure is necessary, our filing and follow-up procedures are designed to expedite the process and reduce a client's costs to file suit.


Our clients know we do everything possible to expedite the often lengthy and cumbersome ejectment process.


Bankruptcy continues to be a major factor in foreclosures and ejectments, and our office is well equipped to handle any issues that might arise.


We understand that any delay is a loss and that quickly and efficiently turning REO properties into cash means reduced holding and management costs.


We work closely with our clients to construct the most timely and cost effective approach to resolution.

loss  mitigation

We incorporate Loss mitigation into every facet of the foreclosure, bankruptcy and eviction arenas.